The National Education Society of Karnataka (Regd), Bangalore 560004
Accredited A Grade with a CGPA of 3.17 by NAAC


Admission Procedure

Rules of Admission and Withdrawals

  1. Application for admission must be made in the prescribed from available in the Office.
  2. The duly filed in application form should be submitted to the office either in person or by post on the before the stipulated date.
  3. Names of Candidates selected for admission by a selection committee to various courses will be notified on the notice board in the college.
    No postal intimation will be sent
  4. The selected students must meet the Principal and members of the admission committee with the following documents, within stipulated time.
    • T.C. from the College last attended, if issued by that institution.
    • P.U.C. Marks Card for UG Course & Degree Marks Card For PG course
    • Migration and eligibility certificate in case of student from outside the State and University.
    • Three stamp- size Photographs.
    • Latest caste Certificate in respect of students belonging to SC/ST/BT/OBC
  5. Request for withdrawal from a particular course/Program should be through an application submitted to the Principal by the student. Such requests will be considered only if rules permit.
  6. Parents/Guardians must accompany their wards at the time of admission. All admissions are subject to the approval by the University.
  7. Admission to a higher class is not automatic. It is based on a student’s satisfactory academic performance and character & conduct during the earlier years

Fee Regulations

  1. The fees shall be paid for the full year on the day of admission.
  2. A Copy of the fee receipt should be retained by the student for future reference.
  3. Absence with or without permission form the college shall no be an excuse for the non-payment of fees on the prescribed date.
  4. A student joining the college even after the commencement of the academic year will have to pay the full fee for the year.
  5. Students are expected to clear all their arrears including fine fo breakages, damages etc., before collecting the Admission Tickets fo the examinations
  6. Fee paid at the time of admission to the College is no refundable.

Attendance & Academic Progress

  1. The College normally works between 9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. However, the Practical Classes for students may commence at 8.30 a.m. Saturday afternoons are reserved for NCC and NSS programmes or other Co-Curricular activities. The working hours of the College may be changed in case of necessity.
  2. Regular attendance to the class is mandatory.
  3. Permission for admission to the Final Examination will not be granted unless
    a)    A student has put in atleast 75% attendance in each subject at the end of the semester as per the regulations of the college.
    b)    A student gets atleast the minimum pass marks in the examination conducted by the college as per the norms laid down by the college..
  4. No student shall abstain from classes without the  permission of the Principal, obtained through the class teacher.
  5. When the absence is caused by unforeseen reasons, application for leave must be submitted to the Principal through the class teacher as early as possible but not later than three days after returning to the college.
  6. Application for leave of absence may be rejected by the Principal if the reasons are not found to be genuine.
  7. Students who take part in any of the co-curricular activities should immediately and certainly not later than three days of their participation in any of the activities, submit to the Principal the  “Co-curricular activity participation Certificate” duly endorsed by the teacher concerned (like the Student Welfare Officer, Physical Education Director, NCC/NSS Officer or any other member of the staff entrusted with the responsibilities.) and the class teacher.
  8. Details of shortage of attendance will be notified from time to time and students are advised to be on the lookout and make good any shortage caused by any reason.

Behavior & Discipline

  1. Students are expected to maintain high standards of discipline and good behaviour.
  2. They shall not cause any damage to the college property. Any damage caused to the property is punishable individually or collectively.
  3. Students are not allowed to collect money from any one for any purpose without the permission of the Principal.
  4. Students are forbidden from organising or attending any meeting within the college or circulating among the students any notice or literature pertaining to any activity which does not have the sanction of the administration.
  5. Possession of mobile phones of any variety on the campus is strictly forbidden. If found in the possession of any student, the instrument will be immediately confiscated.