Till 2001 The National College, Jayanagar functioned as one unit, with both Pre-University and Degree courses under the same administration. In 2001, as per the policy decision taken by the government of Karnataka, the colleges were bifurcated the National Degree College and The National Pre- University College came into being under independent administrative setup, and now the process is complete.

Another important milestone in the history of the college is the conferment of autonomy on the institution. A committee appointed by the University Grants Commission visited the college in 2004 and after going through the past achievements and present potential of the college recommended the college to be declared as an autonomous institution, with effect from 2005-06. However, the college decided to implement autonomy with effect from 2006-07.

Under autonomy the college is free to have its own academic calendar and Programmes. Each subject has its own syllabus and the examinations are be conducted by the college according to its own norms. The results will be published by the college and any discrepancies are attended to by the college administration. Marks cards are issued by the college. Students will be awarded the Degree certificates on completion of the courses by Bangalore University based on the recommendations of the college. The University Grants Commission has only granted academic autonomy and not financial or administrative autonomy.

The new found freedom in academic matters is being utilized by the experienced teachers of the college for the benefit of the students. The college as an administrative unit and the teachers as the academic community are making use of the new system to enable the students develop an overall personality. The concept of continuous Internal Assessment helps teachers to pay greater attention to students’ performance academically and otherwise on the campus, as after all it is they who will be ultimately evaluating the learners’ capabilities. This entrusts the teachers with greater responsibilities and throws them a challenge which they are well equipped to meet.

The College is also reputed to create opportunities to students to hone their talents in histrionics, basic sciences and sports. The H.N.Kalakshetra, B.V.Jagadeesh Science Centre and the vast sports field provide the necessary space for all the co- curricular activities.

The College also offers, under autonomy, courses in Computer Fundamentals, Environmental Science and Indian Constitution at different stages during the course of three years to make the learning complete.

The College is confident that with the academic ambience one comes across in the college the learners will surely be able to find themselves growing into better individuals than what they are when they enter the portals of the institution. The eminent educationists and scientists associated with the college will add their own experience and erudition to the academic Programmes of the college and the young students will have every opportunity to reap the benefits.


" To provide a value-based education to inculcate competitive spirit towards attainment of academic excellence "


" To provide holistic education that contributes to all-round Personality Development "