The National Education Society of Karnataka (Regd), Bangalore 560004
Accredited by NAAC

Co-Curricular activities

The following Co-Curricular activities are conducted during each academic year.


  1. Debates in Kannada, English and Hindi
  2. Speaking Contests in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics, Psychology, Computer Science
  3. Essay Writing Contests in Kannada, English, Sanskrit, Hindi and National Literature
  4. Inter Class Contest in
    1. Classical Vocal & Instrumental Music
    2. Singing
      • Light Music
      • Folk Songs
      • Patriotic Songs
  5. Dr. H.S. Murthy Inter collegiate Music Contest
  6. Talents Day (Film Hits, Light Music)
  7. Impromptu Speaking in : Kannada, English, Sanskrit, Hindi
  8. Late Dr. D.S.Bharadwaj Memorial Ball Badminton Tournament
  9. Sri B.C.S. Narayan drama contest
  10. Annual Athletic Meet
  11. ‘On the Spot’ painting contest
  12. Dr. H.N. Vaicharika Manobhava competition (Essay writing in Kannada)
  13. SRUJANA – the Wall Magazine. Students are encouraged to contribute articles and paintings to the Wall Magazine
  14. The College also publishes an annual magazine SRUJANA- to which students can contribute articles, poems, short stories and essays

Students will also be encouraged to participate in various activities conducted by other colleges.
However the decision to delegate students to such events rests with the college administration.